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Eco Tan provides golden-glow lovers with a natural alternative to chemical-laden tanning products. Madeline Lakos chats to founder Sonya Driver about what it means to be organic.


How important are organic products to you? Do you eat and shop organic too?

Yes, absolutely! I eat and shop organic whenever I can, but I have to be sensible about it too. For instance, if I’m out to dinner, I’m not going to badger the chef about his organic ingredients. But my first choice will always be organic, especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables. It isn’t as expensive as some might think! The trick is to not buy a lot of stuff, because I’m very cautious of buying fresh more often so that nothing spoils in the fridge.

What were your major concerns with the commercial tanning products?

The nasty synthetic ingredients were my major concern. There are just so many petro chemicals, carcinogens, fragrances and preservatives, which are toxic to the body. People forget that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and that anything you put onto it will get absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s vital that people start researching ingredients and look past pretty packaging!

What does your beauty routine consist of?

Being a busy working mum, I do like to keep it quite simple. If I’m being honest, I do most things in the shower – our body wash is the only thing that wakes me up better than coffee. I cannot live without our exfoliating glove, which I use daily alongside the coconut oil I keep in the shower. I love Cosima’s organic day cream and using our tinted sunscreen on my face. I also use our organic deodorant, and being a runner, I made sure it actually works! Then I’ll just dash on a natural blush and a little bit of natural lipgloss. I beg my 12-year old to spray tan me every so often (with my cacao organic tan of course). I think it is too traumatising for her, though (laughs). I apply my invisible tan product at least once a month as I feel and look better with a natural tan.

What is your message to those who are still tanning in the sun or with commercial products?

Trust me, when you’re over 30 you’ll pay the price for sunbaking under the great fireball. It’s not worth it! I did it in my youth and now I’ve had several carcinomas removed. You don’t realise it when you’re young but that’s when the damage to the skin is done.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Sail your own course.

Author- Madeline Lakos

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