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Cooking with love

Stepping into the kitchen can offer mindful and meditative moments. Let’s try a little cooking therapy to bring a...

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Vegetables versus the virus

You are what you eat, and so is your immune system. Here we learn about the effect of good nutrition on viral infections.


Plant performance

Athletes and fitness freaks from all over the world are going plant-based, and for good reason. You can hit peak performance with plants.


Clean money, clear conscience

Are your savings helping to save the world? Or are they adding to the debts against our planet? It’s time to hold your bank to account.


If you buy it, eat it!

To avoid unnecessary food waste, Jamie Oliver challenges you to eat your fridge! Here are his top tips for getting the most out of the food you...


An unlikely poster child

Meet Shannon Martinez, the creative force behind internationally renowned vegan brand Smith & Daughters. And why the heck does she eat meat?

Earth was created for
all of us, not some of us.

Anthony Douglas Williams

Plastic-free fashion

Fashion is one of the biggest offenders in the plastic pollution crisis. Here’s what you can do to eliminate the plastic from your wardrobe.


Hemp in the kitchen

We love our hemp seeds, but they’re not the only hemp kid on the block. Here are some of the ways you can add hemp to your diet.


Ironing out the facts

Many women have low iron stores, but it’s not because we don’t eat meat. Here’s what you need to know to maintain optimal levels.


Plant-based omega-3 from the sea

Forget fish oils – there is a marine microalgae that can better meet your omega-3 needs.


Raising vegan kids

You’ve probably already been feeding your children plenty of plant-based foods without even meaning to. Here’s how to introduce them to more.

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