New year, new you

You’ve heard the saying before, and whether it fills you with refreshed energy or makes you roll your eyes, hitting the restart button on a few major aspects of your lifestyle can be a great way to inject mindful positivity into your life in 2019.

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It’s incredible how powerful the effect of New Year’s resolutions can have on our psyche. New beginnings and fresh starts, exciting dreams and opportunities, leaving past regrets behind us and embracing the unknown; whatever it is that prompts you to make that promise to yourself, it’s likely because you desire one of the most fundamental and basic human emotions – to be happier. Whatever your resolution(s), here are some tips on sticking to them as a lifestyle change, not an impractical promise you’re bound to break.


One of the most popular ‘resolutions’ is getting healthier. But where most people often fall flat is trying to completely overhaul their eating habits or crash diet and attempting to hit the gym 5 times a week in the first month. It can be tempting after the festive season to go too hard, too quickly and it’s no wonder this resolution usually falls by the waistline (pardon the pun) early into the year. However, it doesn’t have to. By choosing to follow a realistic healthy eating plan (we recommend asking your GP or nutritionist for their advice before making any large adjustments to your diet) and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week to start, you’ll see huge improvements in your mood, energy levels and of course, your overall figure.


Taking care of your body is a great first start, but it’s easy to overlook mental health. Begin the year with a smiling mind and reap the benefits of a new and improved positive mindset. We recommend making a small list of things you can start with:

  • Do more for yourself: Too often we take care of everyone but ourselves, to the detriment of our own wellbeing. Take time for yourself. Even small, quiet moments reading your favourite book, catching the latest episode of your favourite TV show or taking a stroll before everyone in the house wakes up, can be a wonderful first start to taking care of you.
  • Invest in relationships: We’re constantly engaging with others, but not the way we used to. Rather than texting or liking a friend’s Instagram photo, call them and organise a time to catch up. There’s nothing quite like facetime – the good old-fashioned kind.
  • Sleep well: Get enough sleep. Turn off your devices an hour before you hit the hay to secure as much solid, uninterrupted rest as you can (7-9 hours are ideal).
  • Focus on your strengths: It’s easy to be too hard on ourselves. Self-deprecation may seem an admirable quality from afar, but if you’re constantly putting yourself down, both aloud and in your head, it’s time to readjust your attitude. A confidence-boosting daily or weekly mantra may help you; why not write a list that resonates with you? Perhaps making your mantra your phone alarm in the morning is the perfect way to start your day with positivity.

Remember, an improved mental wellbeing and the regular practise of mindfulness will make it much easier to carry out and stick to your other resolutions.


Do you regularly think, “I could really use a holiday.”? Having a trip planned, whether it’s to the furthest reaches of the planet or to a nearby beach locale, can do wonders for your mindset. We all need something to look forward to and having just returned to ‘normal life’ after the festive season can be a bit of a downer. Gauge how much time you can get off work and the most appropriate time to travel, and proactively plan that dream escape. Bonus points if your destination happens to be somewhere that truly invests in your health and wellbeing. Our top pick? Gaia Retreat & Spa, located in the breathtakingly beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, known as the healing heartland of Australia for a reason. The award-winning retreat provides a spiritual environment to relax and rejuvenate, even if you only have a few days and a smaller budget to spare. With an abundance of versatile accommodation packages, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs but we recommend the ‘Renew Package’ for two, which includes:

  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • All Gourmet Meals and Snacks
  • Complimentary Relaxation Massage
  • ½hr Wellness Consultation per person
  • Gift on arrival
  • Daily 90min Morning Yoga
  • Daily Retreat Activities
  • Full use of all Facilities
  • Return Complimentary Airport Transfers from Ballina or Coolangatta – at set times

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