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Nourish submissions guidelines

Nourish magazine is the go-to guide for Australians wanting to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. The heart of the magazine is the editorial pillars of Health, Food, Mind, Earth, Style, and Culture. Each issue offers advice on how to get started and, for those already committed to plant-based living, some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Nourish is an inclusive and aspirational resource with an authentic voice, aiming to help our readers live their best plant-based life. Our editorial content is vegan-friendly, informative and well-researched. Our tone is engaging, balanced, uplifting, and empowering.

If you are captivated by our approach to editorial and interested in becoming a contributor, please make sure you’ve read through our magazine and have an understanding of Nourish’s style and areas of interest. Feature articles draw on expert commentary from reliable and trusted sources and include facts that support the ideas expressed.

We welcome both pitches and finished work. If you’re sending a pitch, please include the topic and dot points that detail what your piece will cover and any stance it may take. Also, please send portfolio samples of your previous work as a standard .doc attachment. For finished work, please consider your wordcount – feature articles range from 750 words up to approximately 1,200 words.

Recipe developers, we’d love to hear from you too! We’re always excited to see the creative efforts that come out of plant-based kitchens around the world. You are welcome to send details of your professional website or a portfolio of example work to us for consideration.

We would also appreciate a short summary of your experience and some details about yourself, since we love to hear about what inspires our contributors. Please send your submissions to

Due to the amount of submissions we receive, please understand that our editorial team are unable to reply or give feedback unless a pitch is of interest.

Note: Our editorial is unbranded, so while founders of aligned brands can contribute their expertise, this is not the appropriate avenue to promote a brand. We can work with aligned brands in a variety of ways, and the best pathway into this discussion is through our partnerships team. Please contact