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Burrito bowl

Make up a big batch and eat this bountiful bowl all week...

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Happy healthy Christmas

Oct 2019

You can enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer without compromising all your healthy habits. Find balance with these healthier holiday swaps.

Sustainable travel

Oct 2019

When we think of flying, we unfortunately also need to think about carbon emissions. Here we discuss what you can do to be a more sustainable traveller.

Find your people

Oct 2019

Connect with the plant-based community through these workshops, meetups and events from all over the country.

Vegan globetrotter

Sep 2019

Ellie Bullen of Elsa’s Wholesome Life shares her top ten vegan travel hacks for her fellow globetrotters.

Is it time to veto keto?

Sep 2019

Are carbs really making us fat and sick? Is it possible a high-protein, high-fat diet is the holy grail of a healthy body? It’s time to separate the fact from the fiction.

Knowledge for life

Sep 2019

Holistic health and wellbeing can be difficult to achieve for many people, with stress, unhealthy habits, and sedentary lifestyles the norm. Embarking on a career in natural health enables you to help people live their healthiest lives.

Compost for climate change

Sep 2019

At least half of what goes into most household bins is compostable, but instead ends up in landfill. Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and returns vital nutrients to the soil, and we can all make a difference.