How to throw a plant-based dinner party

Megan May of The Unbakery shares her tips to throwing a vegan-friendly dinner.

Healthy dinner party

The advent of summer means outdoor entertaining, Christmas parties and long Sunday lunches. The festive season is also the perfect time to gather your friends around for a drink and some food. It's also a lovely opportunity to showcase the beauty and abundance of plant-based eating. Whether you're a first-time entertainer or experienced host, these tips will put you in good stead to host a fun, fresh and festive feast this summer.


  1. Use the best produce: If you’re putting together a plant-based dinner party, start with seasonal produce. Use them to influence what you choose to make – they should be the central focus of your dishes. It’s a lot easier to get creative when you have a place to start. 
  2. ​​​​​​Make some festive drinks: Like most experiences in life, people remember the first and last thing – so start strong. A welcome drink is a dinner party essential. Serve something fresh and vibrant, a simple, fresh cold-pressed juice served on ice with sparkling mineral water and fresh herbs sets the tone and if you’re drinking – add a dash of organic sake to it. 
  3. Serve a variety of dishes: Plant-based eating is all about abundance, so ensure that your guests are spoiled for choice. 
  4. Finish with a bang: Finish strong with an incredible raw dessert! Raw desserts are phenomenal. It’s a rare occasion when I can’t win over a sceptic with a raw dessert, but remember to keep portion sizes small. Raw desserts taste so good you just want to keep eating them, but you can overdo it. You want your dinner guests to go home feeling great – that’s what it’s about after all.



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