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World’s first Vegan Interior Design Week to launch online

The world's first Vegan Interior Design Week will debut online from 1-5 November 2021, showcasing and celebrating the newest frontier in the world of conscious, kind living: interior design. It’s free, global, and not just for designers.

Over the course of five days, the first ever Vegan Interior Design Week is set to host upwards of 30 international speakers, panel discussions, live Q&As, a virtual showroom, and daily networking sessions, bringing together a community of conscious interior designers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, property developers, and customers. 

Created by Sydney-based interior designer, Aline Dürr, the event has been conceived as a platform for participants to be inspired by ethical design excellence, see the latest product and material trends, and hear thought-leading discussions from creative elites.

With both supply and demand for ethical homewares accelerating fast, it’s an opportunity for both industry insiders and the wider public, whether vegan or not. In fact, Aline makes clear: “If you inhabit or design space – be it a home, an office, a hotel, a restaurant – this event is for you.”

The next frontier in conscious living

There has been unprecedented growth across the vegan food, beauty and fashion categories in recent years, with sustainability, health, and kindness to animals propelling a surge in interest from consumers seeking to align their lifestyles with their values.

It was Aline’s own transition from vegetarian to vegan a few years ago that started her on a pathway to becoming a thought leader in the hitherto less-prominent field of ethical interiors. Until 2019, she was a regular interior designer working in a Sydney studio. Then, after watching the documentary Dominion, she went vegan overnight, precipitating a deep dive into the hidden animal exploitation behind homewares, from furniture to finishes.

Instead of throwing in the (all too often non-vegan) towel,* she started on a mission to discover ethical alternatives and build a global movement in vegan interior design. 

Her research led her to make a plethora of exciting discoveries. Not only are there numerous innovative alternatives to the materials, products and components required for beautiful interiors, they are a rapidly emerging category, and a growing number of dedicated interiors enthusiasts – including pro designers the world over – are embracing and championing them. 

*Learn more about vegan interior design from its creator, Aline Dürr, in her recent interview with Andrew Alexander for the Creating a Vegan World podcast – including why towels are often non-vegan, and the alternatives now available.

A celebration of human and design evolution

Having published an award-winning book on vegan interior design last year, and created a six-week online course (recently overhauled and upgraded), Aline is now taking the next step in elevating the movement, with the launch of her global interactive online conference.

Amidst a period of disruption and change, she believes the timing is ideal for the world’s first Vegan Interior Design Week. “Sustainability issues, animal welfare concerns and growing consumer demand combined with recent technology breakthroughs create the ideal scenario for revolutionising the interior design industry,” she says. 

The program, hosted free on global event platform Beyond Animal, includes innovation-leading speakers, panellists and exhibitors, from next-gen material developers to conscious furniture suppliers, experts on building biology, biophilia, and energetics – and much more.

Images left to right - Flocus (top), Malai (bottom), Mogu, Ammique

A snapshot of some of the exhibitors appearing at the world’s first Vegan Interior Design Week. From left to right: Flocus (top), Malai (bottom), Mogu, and Ammique

“Over the whole week, I’ll be sharing the expertise of 30-plus wonderful, kind and influential people with you, who all make the world a better place with their work,” Aline says. “Not only will you come out of this event empowered to change the interior spaces around you and others for the better, but you will have learned about many different facets of healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free environments and ways to create them.” 

Whether you are a conscious consumer, inhabitant of space, or designer wanting to know more, you can register free here to receive the full program and take part in this groundbreaking event from 1-5 November 2021.


Images: Courtesy of Vegan Interior Design Week

Catherine Laurence

Cathy is Nourish magazine’s digital editor; a long time vegan, she delights in making vibrant plant-powered living accessible and welcoming to all.

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